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Simple website application to find and generate weird, creepy, underrated, and random YouTube videos that are coming from the deep side and dark depths of YouTube.

If you wanna waste your time using this random YouTube video generator, you are welcome!

Probably, everyone went to the "weird part" of YouTube at least one time. It is basically a field that is full of videos unrelated to what you were originally watching. Now, we're opening the doors of weird stuffs to everybody even to normies! Don't mind "What is the most viewed video on YouTube?", watch the lowest viewed and weirdest private videos on YouTube. Most of the videos are under 100 views and taken by mobile phones, if you are in a lucky day it is possible to hit 0 views unseen/rare strange footages.

Start clicking the button and feed your little, stupid kid in front of the brainwasher videos and YouTubers. Don't be bored! Watch the videos like nude girls trying to get out of a suitcase in Thailand or one enigmatic train goes in darkness and one psychopath records it... Scenes from a high school weight lifting competition might follow a birthday party video in Texas that can follow a mysterious man in Russia repairing his motorbike. You never know what you will face and see. A strange life experince for couple of minutes. Kill your time and reduce your existential pain. Give up lifting the unbearable weight of existence everyday. Try to excel in your career, maintain a social life, drink enough water, exercise, text everyone back, stay sane, be happy and survive! You may catch random songs, musics, or different playlists.

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"Random YouTube Video" script is open source and written in Python and available on GitHub under GNU GPL v.3.0 licence. When you like a video, it could be nice idea to right click on it and select "Copy video URL".

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