A Crunchy Marsmallow

Category: Psychology
Author: O.R. Foxtrot

 Loneliness or in such way also emptiness can also affect certain lysergic notes, this shouldn’t be mistaken with sloppiness which also can be a symptom of drowsiness. In fact, parallels contain rectangular aspects where they must take with a grain of salt by the following none of the below, above, or either sides of a circle.

 Now that we merely explaining numerous events one can ask were those all puppets go. They, the fountains of the life, are being abducted from certain place or time with or without exchange or whatsoever and are released to the streets by the very “possessors” and push them to boundaries which most of them are fatal.

 On the other side we are confused, meaningless and aimless beings and might supplement the forever alive void inside of us or take it to the highway and say hello to the stairways to heaven.

 To sum up, inside, outside or all around it I proved that somebody at the door knocking on the floor, so I better get going and take a shower because I bored from giving you reasons.