Loop K12

Category: Psychology
Author: O.R. Foxtrot

 Serious adventures starts with real time occasions to pack to get ready one should be refer to greenfield or some kind of a sheep, goat, napkin or a town-sitter otherwise these acts can not be explained by post structural cow friendship.

 Now that gorillas are not compatible with Godzillas, although they are still being considered as the close relatives of the King Kong who plays bongo with its bare toe nails. Napkins in this case whether freshener or dry-out try-outs won’t turn into a Charmander or a salamander in an overnight.

 Dragons fly exquisitely therefore baby steps are the unique moments of a hexagon inquisitively. Bees rolls with an immediate and infinite ways of ties, knots, supernovas and I know that when you jump 2 times already there is no reason which abstains you from the 3rd one.

 Shiny things always take my attention and globe spins around itself and the sun and at last indirectly around the moon. Rainbows could be seen after rain in fraction of the light beams and lines are not detectable by an army pack of men or women, girl, boy, a pencil, desk, paper, sofa or a chair, a king-size bed or with a bitter chocolate or even with a pair of binoculars.