Shapes, Shapes and More Shapes

Category: Psychology
Author: O.R. Foxtrot

 Peripheral activities ordinarily pair, flicker and shine with a high certitude here or there at the sky or in the soil reflections are such definitons for a hand full of nuts, bolts, cashews and notebooks squared and they crack if possible so that all meaning doesn’t twist itself.

 Let’s take a look at the ruins of old ages the ruins that are products of the mortal. They still exist and day by day we without noticing increasing our artefacts. This phenomena what might be called as an initiative of the warm-hearted and shouldn’t regarded as one of the daily models. Even so blue a vivid pinkiness erupts and traces of spring is not far away.

 For you who already connected, you can go for walk or run with proper turnout and better not call your cat for to give you advice because all is unique to oneself and you should be aware of where you are how and which way.

 Rather you speak or drive, that’s right you must fasten the seatbelt with extra care since what has been forgotten can cause as much harm as what has been done, spoken, written previously. Or apart from all of this what hasn’t been already.