Random Website Generator

Simple web application to find and generate random, weird, and creepy underrated websites that are coming from deep side and asshole of the internet history.

If you wanna waste your time while browsing these creepy websites, you are welcome!

Most of the weird websites require flash player, enable it before using the button for lifeless people.

Random Website Generator

Look at these sick websites before building yours. Forget "random number selectors" and "online number pickers", get random funny websites. Create your useless ones and throw them into the ocean of pointless web. For couple of minutes let us take you to weird websites. If you like it, don't forget to share us on social platforms!

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Not all Spice versions perform Monte Carlo simulations. Even those that do may only have a small number of available distributions, much less custom ones. LTSpice, for example, has built-in random distributions limited to Uniform and Gaussian (defined by sigma, but no specified limit). Unfortunately, this excludes many real-world distributions such as Gaussian (with maximums of 2-sigma, 3-sigma, etc.), bimodal, triangular, and U-shaped for example. A review of web reference shows few solutions beyond the available functions.

However, using straightforward statistical theory, you can create a random process of any distribution listed above. Even histograms from manufacturers’ datasheets or your own lab measurements are easily simulated. What are the minimum requirements? A calculation tool having a uniform random-number generator and a lookup table function. We’ll apply the method here using Excel and Spice.

This statistical/simulation adventure was both fun and insightful. The nuts and bolts of creating a circuit simulation developed an intuitive understanding beyond the abstract statistical theories.

The new, wearable thermoelectric generator is also sourced from non-toxic and non-allergenic substances, making it a viable candidate for wearable technology.